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Vinyl composite tile — more commonly known as “VCT” — is an extremely popular choice in commercial building flooring and has been for almost one hundred years. It made its introduction into the world at the Chicago “Century of Progress” exposition and rapidly gained in use as builders and designers praised its durability and affordability.

As the name suggests, VCT is made from a combination of vinyl resin, filler, and color. Vinyl makes the flooring durable, flexible, and water resistant. Filler materials are added to provide strength and can even include such natural elements as limestone or clay. Pigments can be added to color the tile according to style preferences. VCT can be installed in sheets but is more commonly applied in tile form by applying an adhesive to subfloor. 

While a preferred choice for large buildings because of its durability and affordability, in order to increase longevity of this flooring, proper maintenance is key. VCT requires both regular and irregular maintenance to ensure it keeps its shine long past the install date! In one of the building’s I worked in as a 20-something, I always knew the “sound of Friday” by the gentle hum of the buffer in the VCT hallways.

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning and janitorial company in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that provides both routine and specialty care for VCT flooring. We recommend the following care routine to keep your VCT looking its very best for years to come:

  • Daily — Remove dirt and dust from the day’s foot traffic, typically by dust mopping or sweeping. Clean entryway rugs (to avoid dirt buildup underneath which can prematurely wear down the finish or wax on your flooring). Mop up spills immediately to prevent falls (this is where a day porter service can be particularly helpful).
  • Weekly (or more frequently, depending on foot traffic in your building) — Mop floors using a pH neutral cleaner. This can be done either by hand or with a cleaning machine specially designed to wet mop hard surface flooring.
  • Weekly or bi-monthly — Remove scuff marks. Then, using a special machine designed for VCT floors, buff wax surface for the ultimate shine with a dry pad and high-speed burnisher. This will make floors look as beautiful as the day they were installed!
  • Annually or bi-annually — Strip and apply new wax. This process requires that foot traffic be diverted from the area for a period of time, so coordinating in advance to schedule this during an “off” season for your company would be in your favor.

If you want to keep your VCT flooring looking its very best, contact Sonlight Cleaning Services today to create a care plan for your facility!

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