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Industry research shows that 70% of a person’s first impression of a building is based on the condition of its flooring. Sonlight offers hard-surface floor care to many floorings including:

Office Cleaning

High Speed Burnish Maintenance

After a customer’s initial stripping and waxing of their VCT tile floors, it is highly recommended that a burnishing program follows afterwards. To produce a high shine and remove most of the surface heel marks, our technicians sweep, mop, and burnish the floor areas with appropriate products and lay floor finish on an as-needed basis.


Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

We use a specially formulated ceramic tile scrub.  This is an acid solution that is not pure acid but it is an acid-based cleaner specifically formulated for ceramic tile, which is the best way to clean unfinished ceramic tile and grout.

If high traffic and friendly office parties have dirtied your tile flooring. Contact Sonlight Cleaning to brighten your tiles and whiten your grout. Soil build-up on the tile surface typically occurs gradually and somewhat evenly. So the actual degree of soiling may not be apparent and go unnoticed. Sonlight Cleaning’s tile and grout cleaning service includes our professional hot water extraction method and we also use a patented tool designed specifically for cleaning tile and grout. You may be surprised at the visual difference a professional cleaning of your tile and especially your grout can make.

Tile flooring stands up to repeated spills and traffic and withstands regular moisture, but all tile flooring requires regular cleaning to maintain and protect your investment. Our Certified Technicians are specialists at removing stains from tough areas like ceramic tile and grout