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Quality Care and Training

Sonlight has employees who are specifically trained in the areas of VCT and tile floors, carpet cleaning, and windows. We maintain a complete reference library of cleaning materials and methods to be used for regular review by all of Sonlight’s employees. Special training is also provided for our window-cleaning technicians to put safety first.

All of Sonlight’s employees go through an extensive training program, which includes one-on-one training sessions with a qualified supervisor. They are taught cleaning methods, OSHA regulations, proper use of chemicals, equipment, and safe handling of clients’ furniture and security procedures.

In meeting each client’s personalized plan, our personnel are screened and selected specifically for your service needs, all while maintaining the integrity and standards of Sonlight. Sonlight’s extensive background checks for our personnel ensure client security and privacy. We make it our priority to hire experts with vast experience, high moral character and excellent work history in order to best serve our clients the Sonlight way.