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When you think of someone forming an impression of your business, what comes to mind? Perhaps the front entryway or reception desk. Perhaps the glass-walled conference room or impressive atrium. But let me share a story with you that may change your perspective.

I was running errands with my toddler this week and — like many toilet-training young people — he decided he needed to use the facilities during our outing. After locating the restroom sign, we made our way to the back of the building, only to find that the restrooms were not in keeping with the rest of the building. A lightbulb was in need of replacing as it was quite dim. The floors were littered with paper trash. And perhaps worst of all, the hand soap dispenser was completely depleted. Adding irony to the situation was a large sign over the sink saying “EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK.” Needless to say, my confidence in the organization was rather shaken. I almost walked out without finishing my business with them!

Sonlight Cleaning Services is committed to ensuring that — from front to back — the buildings we service make the right kind of impression. Here is our cleaning routine for the “facilities” at the facilities in our care:

  1. Pre-cleaning inspection — This is where we take note of the overall impression and consider whether this restroom servicing schedule is consistent enough to keep up with its daily use. We also take note of those less-cleaning-related things like lightbulbs that are in need of replacing.
  2. Pick up trash and debris — In this step, we pick up or sweep up larger pieces of trash, for example paper towels that have missed the mark on their way to the trash can.
  3. Clean and disinfect — Wipe down all surfaces and apply chemical disinfectant, allowing for proper dwell time.
  4. Refill soap and restock paper goods dispensers — We are Jan San suppliers so we can keep you fully stocked on everything you need to make a great impression in this department. We also supply and refill fragrance machines, which are usually a good addition in restrooms.
  5. Clean mirrors and reflective surfaces — Using glass cleaner or stainless steel cleaner, this is where we add the shine to doors, mirrors, and other surfaces that should reflect light and give your restrooms that impressively-clean look.
  6. Mop floors — At the end of the day, floors should be mopped (with special attention given to corners and along baseboards where dirt is often left and becomes visible with prolonged neglect).

Last but not least, a Sonlight Cleaning Services professional will do a final walk-through to ensure that the “wow” factor is there for your employees, clients, and visitors to see upon their next visit.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.