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Stepping into the neighborhood grocery store is downright dangerous this time of year. The produce section entrance (which used to be my safety) is now a minibus-sized display of all sorts of tempting cookies, cakes, and sweets. The floral department — usually reserved to one small corner — is simply overflowing into the aisles with fragrant blossoms. The card section is a sea of pinks and reds.

The season of love is upon us.

While my waistline and wallet may not find much to love about this season, there is something refreshing about being reminded to ask the question, “What do you LOVE about __.” Those who have been married for a few (or more) years will no doubt resonate with just how easy it is to forget how much you love about your spouse. Parents, too, get caught up in the rigors of raising children and also need to be reminded to pause and look past any imperfections to the wonder that is their offspring.

Like most things we see on the regular, it is incredibly easy to overlook what we love… until we are reminded to look for it again!

When it comes to your commercial cleaning service, you may very well be in that state currently. Has it been a few years since you first started working with them? Do you love them as much — or more — now as you did back then? Have standards slipped or do they still make first impressions a first priority?

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company that has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for over 30 years. If our standards were slipping, there is no way we would still be leading the way in our sector for that amount of time (much less have survived through a global pandemic still going strong). We love our customers and it shows! Our client care specialists work with you to ensure that you are just as in love with your first janitorial cleaning as you are with your 1,000th janitorial cleaning.

One of the things our clients love about our cleaning service is how it grows with them over time. What may have started as a weekly janitorial service when they first got started 15 years ago may now include other special services they have needed as their business grows. We offer such specialty services as window washing, power washing, emergency cleanup services, hot water carpet extraction, and others you may need along the way.

If your list of things you love about your current cleaning company is lacking, give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call and we’ll show you all the reasons our clients love us year after year!

by Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.