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It’s not often we brag about one of our services in particular, but today we’re going to hail the benefits of adding power washing to your comprehensive cleaning plan with Sonlight Cleaning Services. 

Did you know the average person walks 3 miles per hour? That’s roughly four-and-a-half feet per second. Additionally, research has shown that most people make a first impression of a person and – it may be extrapolated –of a building within 7 seconds. Some research even points to less… as little as one-tenth of a second!

Imagine there’s a new person walking down the sidewalk that leads to your front doors. According to the research, it’s safe to say that within those 7 seconds, covering roughly 30 feet of ground towards your building… a person has formed an impression of your facility before they’ve even reached the front door. 

We’d say that’s a pretty important sidewalk!

So, wouldn’t you agree it’s important to keep it clean?

The appearance of your building can significantly impact the perception of your business to the outsider. Clients, customers, and employees are building an impression based on everything they take in during their walk towards the building (even a very short walk can offer enough time for formulating an opinion about your organization). 

Here are a few things that power washing can do for your facility:

  1. Restore exterior surfaces. Over time, textured and porous surfaces (sidewalks, parking lots and building facades) can accumulate dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, detracting from the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. Power washing utilizes high pressure water to blast away these contaminants, even without the use of chemicals. 
  2. Enhance curb appeal. Even older buildings can look a decade (or more!) younger after a thorough power washing job is completed.
  3. Promote a healthy environment. Some molds and algaes can contribute to nasal irritation and allergies.
  4. Create a cohesive aesthetic. It can send the wrong message to people if the interior of your building is well cared for and clean while the exterior is neglected. Power washing is one piece in comprehensive building care.

If you’re not sure how power washing could benefit your facility, give your client care specialist at Sonlight a call today and he or she will talk you through how this service could benefit you and your goals.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.