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As we mentioned in our last article, one of the greatest benefits of working with Sonlight Cleaning Services is that, in addition to managing your daily janitorial cleaning requirements, we also offer specialty services. This helps you in two distinct ways. 

First, it streamlines your planning. Because our client care specialists are familiar with cleaning routines for your unique business, we can recommend a deep cleaning or specialty cleaning service based on your routine maintenance. For example, carpets that are vacuumed daily do not need to be deep cleaned as frequently as carpets that are not given daily attention. Second, it saves you time and effort in having to locate and communicate with a different company for each of the services we’ll discuss today. 

Carpet Cleaning: Over time, carpets can accumulate dirt, dust, and allergens, compromising indoor air quality and leaving a negative impression on visitors. Left without a deep cleaning at regular intervals, this carpet would need to be replaced far more frequently. Our professional carpet cleaning services utilize state-of-the-art equipment – hot water extraction or bonnetting – and the best products to restore your carpets to their former glory, creating a clean and welcoming atmosphere for employees and clients alike.

VCT Stripping and Waxing: Vinyl composition tile (VCT) flooring is a popular choice for commercial spaces due to its durability and easy maintenance. However, this flooring type regular stripping and waxing to preserve its appearance and extend its lifespan. Sonlight Cleaning Services employs proven techniques and top-quality products to refresh your VCT flooring.

Power Washing: Exterior surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots, and building facades accumulate dirt, grime, and stains over time. Power washing effectively removes stubborn buildup and restores the visual appeal of your property.

Window Washing: Clean windows not only enhance the exterior appearance of your building but also allow natural light to flood your interior spaces, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Sonlight Cleaning Services employs trained professionals (certified up to three stories) and industry-leading techniques to deliver streak-free results, ensuring that your windows sparkle.

Parking Lot Cleanup: A clean and well-maintained parking lot not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also contributes to the safety and convenience of employees and visitors. Sonlight Cleaning Services offers parking lot cleanup services, including litter removal, debris disposal, and pressure washing, to keep your parking area welcoming.

Event Cleanup: Hosting events and gatherings is a great way to strengthen relationships with your team or build relationships with clients. However, as anyone who has ever hosted a party knows, the party aftermath needs attention! Sonlight Cleaning Services offers the option of cleanup services to our regular janitorial clients, a wonderfully convenient add-on so that you can get busy enjoying your event.

Sonlight Cleaning Services is committed to delivering exceptional results across all our service offerings, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize our services to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.