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My sons love playing with modeling dough. They love the color options. They love choosing from various implements that smash, roll, cut, and shape the dough. I’m glad they love this activity; yet I’ve noticed something interesting as we move from the play phase to the cleanup phase. The dough — which started out one color — has changed in both appearance and texture. 

This is due in part to the abuse of young hands as the dough is alternatedly moulded in fingers still dusted in the morning’s Goldfish crumbs and subjected to the occasional roll accross the floor. While the dough can in many ways still perform its function, the pollution of the morning’s play has changed it in a big way.

Some things stand the test of time while others do not. With children’s dough, it’s easy enough to toss an overused piece and purchase a new one. But what about your facilities?

The best approach to ensuring that your facilities stand the test of time is to adopt an approach of proactive care. And a simple axiom to live by on this score is, “What goes in must come out!”

Let’s consider commercial-grade carpet for the sake of this example. Suppose a client walks through your doors on a Tuesday morning. He took a stroll through the nearby gardens before making his entrance. There are still particles of crushed granite from the walking path, blooms from a crepe myrtle next to the parking lot, and mulch from the landscape crew caught in the treads of his shoes. If the entryway rug is still overwhelmed with dirt from Monday’s foot traffic, then it will do a poor job of removing dirt today. Let’s say our client makes it past the entryway and into the office suite. Well, let’s just say that (like that play dough), it will change in both appearance and texture! Commercial carpets excel in durability because of their low pile. However, that durability is compromised if carpets are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly. 

Sonlight Cleaning Services offers everything you need to keep your facilities as clean on Friday as they started on Monday. In the example above, we would recommend daily janitorial cleaning after hours as well as possibly a day porter service to ensure that those entryway rugs stay clean throughout the day and any additional dirt that makes it past these defenses is vaccumed up quickly before it can settle into the floor’s grout our carpet pile. “Normal wear and tear” is often used as an excuse for poor cleanliness. However as we see with the DFW skyline — and in fact, many notable buildings on the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex — buildings well cared for can stand the test of time.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.