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There’s nothing quite like spring. The grass looks a little less brown. Tree branches hold their bare limbs to the sun almost as if in anticipation of new life to come. Annuals are being planted. The ground is coming back to life. 

There’s something about spring that makes you want to bring that freshness of the outdoors in. Grandma called it “spring cleaning” but there’s no denying that when spring is in the air, there’s a renewed urge to make the spaces in our care just a bit brighter. 

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a professional commercial cleaning company in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with over thirty years experience in the industry. We are a family owned and operated business and we never franchise. 

Sonlight works with businesses from small to large. Our smallest clients have chain locations and others have 20,000+ square feet and contract with us for 5 days per week. Our larger clients have over a million square feet and contract with us for daily janitorial cleaning, day porter services, and other specialty and seasonal services.

When you contract with Sonlight, one of the inherent benefits is that when it comes to spring cleaning, you do not need to expend hours of a beautiful spring day researching specialty and seasonal cleaning companies for jobs. Since you already have a relationship with Sonlight, you can simply reach out to your client care specialist to schedule services such as VCT stripping and waxing, carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and special event cleanup.

Imagine what your spring cleaning routine looked like before Sonlight. You needed your hard floors refinished so you made several phone calls and left messages with various companies. Before even making the phone calls, you spent some time searching online, reading reviews, and texting fellow facilities managers to see who they have dealt with in the past. Once your inquiries have been answered, you have to compare options before calling them back with your decision and to schedule your cleaning routine. Now imagine repeating this process to schedule your window cleaning, power washing, parking lot cleanup, upholstery cleaning, carpet hot water extraction, VCT stripping and waxing… imagine the countless hours that could go into this endeavor (and that’s even before a single job has begun). 

Now imagine what it looks like to get your spring cleaning scheduled when you use Sonlight Cleaning Services for your regular janitorial cleaning needs. You pick up the phone, dial one phone number, and schedule all of your spring cleaning needs in one phone call. Now go enjoy the rest of that spring day. You’ve done a whole week’s worth of work in just minutes!

Make the call that counts — contact Sonlight Cleaning Services for all your commercial cleaning needs today.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.