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When managing a mid-sized to large commercial building, perhaps the greatest day-to-day demands revolve around routine janitorial and maintenance care. The occasional large project or renovation definitely will require your attention at times — air conditioners go out, roofs need replacing, renovation projects get a spot on the calendar — but that is not where you spend the bulk of your attention, time, and energy. It’s actually the little things that necessitate the bulk of your mental load!

Regardless of your sector or specific needs, all educational facilities, medical facilities, churches, office buildings, financial institutions, and manufacturing facilities share in common the need for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for those who enter. These ongoing demands can be the bane of your existence if you are constantly jumping from one commercial cleaning company to another, trying to find a company whose service capabilities match your (every growing and shifting) needs.

If this describes you, then take a moment to offload your mental load to the pros who have been working with companies just like yours for over 30 years — Sonlight Cleaning Services. We’ve been serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for longer than most businesses have been around; we’ve seen it all! And we are here to serve organizations in their growing and changing needs (from 5,000 square feet to over one million square feet). 

Sonlight offers services that can be customized to fit your janitorial service requirements as well as specialty cleaning services that you would otherwise have to contract out to other companies — a task which would take up both time and energy on your part. When working with Sonlight, however, scheduling a specialty services such as power-washing or carpet/upholstery cleaning is as simple as a phone call to your client care specialist and we can add this on to your account in a jiffy!

So what do most mid-size to large buildings require as far as routine care? Here are some examples of what you might expect for the entryway, public and reception areas of your building:


  • Clean all entrance door glass inside and out.
  • Spot clean all inner perimeter glass in lobby area.
  • Empty and wash exterior of wastebaskets; change liners.
  • Empty and damp clean all ash tray/sand urns.
  • Dust and spot clean the receptionist desk and all tables and chairs in lobby area.
  • Dust all furniture, telephones, tables, ledges, wall pictures, windowsills, etc.
  • Vacuum all carpets – giving attention to edges and corners, spot clean carpets if necessary.
  • Dust mop all floors; damp mop and spot clean.
  • Clean and polish all wood surfaces throughout the lobby.
  • Elevators – vacuum, polish rails and non-fabric walls, polish mirrors and doors, vacuum and clean tracks nightly.
  • Clean and polish drinking fountains, brush lime deposits if necessary.
  • Sweep, mop and Vacuum stairwells.

Stay tuned next time for an overview of routine for more daily, weekly, monthly, and extra service tasks! 

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