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For most Texans, the month of March is a beautiful time to enjoy the changing seasons — fresh new leaves on trees, St. Augustine lawns reawakening from the doldrums of earlier freezes, cool mornings followed by warm and sunny afternoons — but also for many Texans, spring brings with it a dreaded time of allergy woes. 

My spouse was kind enough to wash both of our vehicles last weekend. But no sooner had we hopped in to take a quick trip to a restaurant, and we returned to our vehicle to find it dusted with a fine yellow coating of pollen. Even my eldest son — at the tender age of five — understands the season. He started sneezing and immediately asked, “Okay, who brought pollen inside?”

As the facilities manager for an organization of any size, you know how impactful pollen can be not only on the aesthetics of your facilities but on the productivity of those who enter. It’s nearly impossible to focus on figures or adequately engage with a client when our eyes itch, our noses run, and our sneezing comes in fits. Indeed, pollen is an unwelcome guest in any building.

So what’s the best way to keep the outside outside, especially during peak allergy season? Here at Sonlight Cleaning Services, we’ve developed a two-prong approach to doing just that:

  1. Maintain a solid exterior barrier. By utilizing the tools at our disposal such as power washing, frequently-serviced entryway rugs, and parking lot cleanup, we’ve noted a substantial decrease in the amount of pollen and other pollutants that make it to your front doors. Imagine pulling into your own driveway at your house — if your shoes must traverse a path laden with pollen before even reaching your front door, imagine how much will be brought inside with you. Even if you were to take your shoes off in the entryway, your entryway rug and boot tray would now be covered with the unwelcome yellow stuff! Sonlight offers exterior specialty cleaning services that have proven key to keeping buildings looking their best, including window washing, power washing, parking lot cleanup, and day porter services (to check such things as outdoor entryway rugs throughout the day).
  2. Be mindful of primary entrances. During allergy season, entryway rugs are going to be your best friend. Don’t have high-quality rugs? Now is the time to make that investment. The rug fibers trap pollen and dust particles as employees and patrons enter to reduce the number of irritants that enter your facilities. If you have a high-traffic entryway, these rugs may need to be serviced multiple times throughout the day. Sonlight Cleaning offers day porter services to our high-capacity clients who need this sort of throughout-the-day cleaning.

Don’t let pollen hurt your productivity. Contact Sonlight Cleaning Services today to begin working with a top-class commercial janitorial cleaning company in the greater Dallas Fort Worth area.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.