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As most Texans know, our great state seems to have its own unique four seasons — winter, summer, more summer, and “mini fall.” It makes sense, then, that we should help to highlight the most abbreviated and yet lovely time of the year with festive decorations. And because most of us live a large percentage of our lives in the workplace (as well as at home), shouldn’t those workplaces also reflect the fall spirit?

Here are a few ways to incorporate fall and Thanksgiving decorations into your facility on a budget (and without sacrificing cleanliness):

  1. Forego faux flowers and greenery in favor of natural elements. Silk and plastic florals collect dust and are difficult to clean from year to year (not to mention they do not store well). Consider instead a bowl or vase full of pinecones that can be tossed outside at the end of the season. Branches gathered from outdoors and spray painted in seasonal colors also add a fun pop without collecting as much dust as faux greenery.
  2. Set up a table in the break room with construction paper leaf outlines for employees to cut out on their break. Tape these to a twine string for display.
  3. Does your office have a waiting room? Find fall-themed printable coloring sheets to set out with colored pencils for those waiting (kids and adults alike enjoy coloring)!
  4. Decorate large spaces with tablecloths or other fabric items that can be laundered throughout the season in order to remove dust.
  5. Create a “thankfulness turkey” to display in a high-traffic area. To do this, tape a cut-out of a turkey body to the wall. On a table nearby, put out feather-shaped papers along with Sharpie pens. Put an acrylic sign on the table asking people to write something they are thankful for on a paper feather and add it to the turkey. See how the “thankfulness turkey” gets fuller throughout the season as people add their notes of gratitude!
  6. Set out a bowl with seasonal fruit such as apples and oranges.
  7. Purchase washable seasonal placemats and set out battery-operated candles on top as a focal point for conference room tables.
  8. Add a chalkboard easel in a visible place with a seasonal message or hire a window artist to decorate the windows. Chalkboard pens are much better than traditional chalk because they create far less dust overall. 

If you’re managing a midsize to large facility, you may be wondering “how could I possibly have time to create a warm and inviting atmosphere?” The answer is simple! When you work with Sonlight Cleaning Services, your job gets easier. Beyond routine janitorial cleaning, we offer hard surface care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, power washing, window washing, event cleanup, and so much more! Our goal is to simplify your job so that you have the kind of margin that allows you to do so much more than the average facilities manager… we wouldn’t be surprised if “Sonlight Cleaning Services” is written on the first feather added to your thankfulness turkey!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.