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Office cleaning schedule

Creating a thoughtful cleaning schedule for your commercial building is incredibly important, especially as cold and flu season gets into full swing. This schedule should be effective, efficient, and customized to the needs of your building. It is essential to consider such factors as how many square feet are in your building, how many visitors and employees enter through the doors each day, which entrances/exits receive the most traffic, how often certain spaces need to be “touched up” during a typical day, and so on. 

The best way to create a custom schedule is to talk with an expert in the field who can help you take all of these factors into consideration, along with your budget, and determine the most effective cleaning routine for you. 

I remember a few years back, my youngest son took a small spill and knocked a baby tooth out of place. I knew we’d need to pay special attention to his oral hygiene to maintain the integrity of his now-compromised tooth. I could’ve called a plumber, pastor, or podiatrist — hyperbole as you might imagine! — but instead, I called a pediatric dentist. Making the right phone call matters.

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of your facility’s hygiene, who better to call than the people who do just that day in and day out: Sonlight Cleaning Services. Our client care specialists will gather such information as what type of facility you manage, how many square feet, number of rooms, how many employees and/or visitors each day, etc. We use this information to help create a custom cleaning care plan that will include janitorial cleaning frequency, task prioritization, and resource allocation. 

Chances are, you already have a vision for what your facility will look like to the first-time visitor. That first impression counts! (And if you think it doesn’t, imagine your reaction should you walk up to your child’s school only to find it littered with trash in the parking lot and mud in the entryway… yikes.) The Sonlight team will help you make a comprehensive list of cleaning tasks that need to be accomplished in your facility to meet your goals and then determine how to maintain that level of cleanliness throughout a typical business day.

We don’t believe in packages because no two organizations are alike. For example, imagine the difference in foot traffic alone at a church or school on Sunday versus Monday! Should you encounter a commercial cleaning company trying to book you with one such “package,” buyer beware. 

When you contract your daily janitorial cleaning care through Sonlight Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that we will not only maintain your facility to your desired standard but additionally we will do so considering all the factors that make your church, office, non-profit, educational facility, medical facility, or industrial building unique. Give us a call today to plan your cleaning care routine!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.