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Some decisions are easy because they’re based purely on your subjective view of the world. It’s pretty easy to know what you like and don’t like based on your unique preferences. For example:

Chocolate chip or raisin oatmeal? (Clearly chocolate chip)

Movie night or game night? (Game night all the way!)

Salad or burger? (Mmmm does it come with fries?)

Other things aren’t nearly so simple. When it comes to selecting the commercial cleaning company that’s right for your place of business, the stakes are a bit higher and the variables are a bit more complex. Today we’re going to cover a few considerations you may want to have in mind as you begin the discernment process as well as a few tips for how best to “interview” the top candidates.

We can actually break things down into three distinct categories to make things simpler. You’ll want to consider the expertise, reputation, and cleaning plans of each company. 

  1. Expertise — How are your employees trained? Who supervises and what are their qualifications? Is continuing education a part of your business model?
  2. Reputation — How long have you been in business? Are you insured? Can I call references?
  3. Cleaning Plans — Do you offer only packages? Or can you build me a custom quote tailored to my present needs? Are you able to scale packages to the needs of my company as we grow?

Sonlight Cleaning Services is proud to share on every one of these topics because we have spent the past 30+ years raising the water table for the Dallas Fort Worth commercial cleaning scene:

  1. Expertise — Our team members receive specialty training in VCT care, tile floor care, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning. We have an extensive reference library of cleaning materials and methods and we encourage all of our employees to review these resources frequently. Our window technicians complete additional training to ensure that safety is a first priority. All of our employees are extensively trained (including one-on-one training with a supervisor) to ensure they are competent in all areas required to serve you well — including cleaning methods, OSHA regulations, proper use of chemicals and equipment, safe handling of your belongings, and security procedures. All personnel are screened, interviewed, and background checked.
  2. Reputation — Because of our rigorous expectations of our team members, you can expect that every interaction with a Sonlight Cleaning Services employee will leave you impressed. This is how we have maintained our reputation as a reliable and professional commercial janitorial cleaning company for the past three decades. 
  3. Cleaning Plans — Sonlight Cleaning Services provides care to facilities that range in size from less than 10,000 square feet to over a million square feet. Some clients require daily janitorial cleaning while others need an additional day porter service because of high employee or customer traffic throughout the day. In order to meet each client’s unique needs, our client care specialists work with clients to create a customized cleaning plan that is scalable to your ever-changing needs.

Well now that we’ve written it down, maybe selecting a commercial cleaning company for your facility IS as easy as deciding which cookie to choose!

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