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How do you choose to celebrate the dawning of a new year? Do you whisk the family off to Times Square to watch the ball drop? (Me neither!) Do you update the headshot on your LinkedIn profile? (If not, consider this your reminder!) Do you go to the nearest restaurant hosting a party?

Everyone celebrates the occasion differently but one thing many hold in common is the age-old practice of taking stock of the events and habits of the previous year and (oftentimes) vowing to make adjustments for the future. A new year is a clean break, a fresh start, a new beginning. If you’re like most people, you will celebrate the occasion by making New Year’s resolutions. 

New Year’s resolutions often get a bad rap. “Oh why bother if you probably won’t keep it?” is the frequent accusation. For those familiar with the Eisenhower Matrix, in some ways a new year is the schedule-it feature in our annual calendar for those Important but Not Urgent tasks. January 1st is a line in the sand that says, “Here! This is the right time to do that thing you’ve been wanting and needing to do all year!”

This January, as you’re setting objectives for your personal life, don’t forget to do the same for your professional life as well! The easiest resolutions to keep are the ones that require nothing more than a phone call so we’ll make this one easy — make the resolution to have a clean and healthy new year by calling Sonlight Cleaning Services!

Working with Sonlight for the cleaning requirements of your commercial business or property has short- and long-term benefits that you will reap all year long. In the short-term, you will see:

  • Enhanced workplace morale — nothing makes employees, staff, and visitors feel more valued (and productive!) than a perpetually clean space.
  • Improved safety — slips, spills, and sick days will decrease as the facility care increases.
  • Positive first impressions — your building is the face of your organization. Make sure there isn’t a case of “spinach in the teeth” so to speak; Sonlight can help you put your best face forward!

A few long-term benefits you will reap as well:

  • Sustained productivity — a visually-excellent space inspires excellent work elsewhere. A consistently clean facility fosters a culture of productivity and organization.
  • Cost savings — in the long run, well-kept buildings age far better than unkempt buildings. Consider wall washing and carpet cleaning, for example, which have been shown to extend the life of your paint and flooring, respectively.
  • Healthier work environment — better disinfecting protocol leads to fewer sick days leads to greater overall productivity.

When you’re drafting resolutions to help you keep your office spaces clean, don’t forget to add “Call Sonlight Cleaning Services” and reap the benefits of this simple action for all of your janitorial service needs all year long!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.