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If you are currently raising kids (or had young ones under your roof at one point in time), then you know that “no good deed goes unpunished” when it comes to keeping a clean home. No sooner have you wiped the fingerprints off of a window than the smudges return. The moment you clean the kitchen table — for the fifth time that day! — one child starts begging for another crumbly snack. Heaven forbid it rains and your little bundles of joy are bouncing around the house with wet, muddy shoes on the freshly-vacuumed carpet.

As any parent can tell you, keeping clean in a high-traffic environment is an ongoing job!

If you manage a large facility that sees regular in-and-out traffic, then you also know how true this is not only in the home but in the work environment as well. Not all businesses are created equal, and no two have the same needs when it comes to janitorial cleaning needs. 

A very small business with a handful of employees may need only a once-daily cleaning. A mid sized company that welcomes the occasional client or guest might also be able to manage on a once-daily cleaning. But a mid sized to large organization that sees employees, clients, guests, delivery personnel, etc. enter and exit throughout the day? This organization has a completely different set of needs!

When dealing with a high-traffic environment, no doubt you have noticed that by the time people are returning from their lunch break, things do not look as they did when you opened for the day. Every person who walks through the doors brings in dust, dirt, and/or pollen on their shoes. Every handle is touched multiple times by many different people. Bathrooms are used at a higher rate and paper towel or toilet paper holders need to be replenished. The bottom line is that your facility will need attention before the doors close for the day again.

A day porter service — one of many specialty cleaning care services provided by Sonlight Cleaning Services — is very likely for you if the scenario above is sounding familiar. A day porter is a cleaning professional who stays at your facility throughout the day for at least 8 hours to give attention to those areas that need a little “help” throughout the day. From emptying trash bins to vacuuming entryway rugs, a day porter can be a huge help in ensuring that your facility looks its best throughout the day (not just when the doors open in the morning).

No two companies are the same, just like no two kids are the same! That’s why we at Sonlight customize our cleaning routine for every one of our companies. We take care of our clients so that you can take care of those in your charge.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.