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Sonlight Cleaning Service provides daily janitorial cleaning care for facilities with cleanable square footage as small as 5,000 feet and as large as over a million feet. We often get asked if care for these two types of facilities is the same and we would say NO, even two facilities of the same size do not have the same schedule of care! Many variables come together to determine the perfect care routine for YOUR unique facility – from square footage to building layout, from sector to daily foot traffic… all of these things come together to help our client care specialists determine the perfect care routine for you. 

Some overlap does occur so in this month’s articles, we’ll go over some of the things that *most* of our small facilities have in common when it comes to their daily cleaning needs. Keep in mind, though, that these needs are unique to each facility and this list does not include such specialty deep-cleaning services as power washing, upholstery care, wall washing, carpet cleaning, etc. (all of which Sonlight offers as options for our daily janitorial care clients)! So keep reading to learn more about what daily janitorial care looks like for our smaller facilities.

1. Cleaning Schedule – Even though the facility may be smaller in size, having a structured cleaning schedule is essential for maintaining cleanliness. A small building does not necessarily mean a small number of daily visitors! We will designate specific times for tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting high-touch surfaces to ensure nothing gets overlooked. 

2. Identifying high traffic areas – Which areas of the building are highest in demand? By identifying and prioritizing cleaning these areas, we can ensure that they look consistent with the rest of your facility despite the increased foot traffic. Areas most in need of a day porter service include entryways, restrooms, and common areas. These spaces accumulate dirt and germs more quickly and should receive extra attention during daily cleaning routines.

3. Utilizing the right cleaning products – Sonlight prioritizes customer service, which is why we are a janitorial supplier for our customers. We can track, order, and supply the products you use (and use up) most so that this task is automated from your standpoint. We offer a wide variety of products and carry only the top brands, including Rubbermaid, Continental, Pro-Team, Kimberly-Clark, GoJo, P&G, and more. We also are a leader in the green movement and stock Green Seal approved paper and plastic products as well as cleaning chemicals and equipment.

4. Removing trash – Emptying trash bins is one of the most important services to perform daily, regardless of how small your facility is! The last thing you want is to be greeted the following day with the scent of someone’s day-old takeout container. The Sonlight team empties all bins so that you start each day fresh. 

One of the greatest benefits we offer managers of smaller facilities is to help you stay organized. Oftentimes as a small facility manager you are called upon to wear many different hats on any given day – I recall one such manager being called by the nickname “Squirrel Wrangler” and you can probably guess why! Let our team at Sonlight simplify the cleaning care arm of your responsibilities. Give us a call today to learn why we’ve been the leaders in the industry for the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for over 30 years.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.