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In continuation of our two-part series on daily janitorial cleaning care for small vs. large facilities, this time we’ll be talking about some standard tips that many of our larger facilities share in common. Sonlight Cleaning Service is a partner for Property Managers and Facilities managers who oversee small buildings all the way up to large campuses, totalling over a million square feet!

No two businesses are the same, meaning no two cleaning care routines are the same. This article is intended to give you a glimpse into what your cleaning care might entail but if you really want to dig into what a custom care routine could look like for your unique facility, give our client care specialists a call for a free quote.

1. Coming up with a strategy – Managing daily cleaning routines in a large facility presents its own set of challenges, but with the right strategies in place, you can maintain cleanliness effectively. The Sonlight cleaning care specialists will do more than give you a quote; they will get to know all of the variables of your facility and help you create a daily janitorial strategy that suits your budget and needs.

2. Utilizing time-saving equipment – With large facilities come large cleaning jobs. You do not want a cleaning team in the way of your clients and guests all day every day. This is why the Sonlight team uses only the best and most efficient equipment to get the job done in a timely manner. With the exception of day porter services, most of our daily janitorial cleaning can happen after hours for your business.

3. Prioritize restrooms – Restrooms in large facilities experience frequent usage and require frequent attention. A regular cleaning schedule, including thorough disinfection of surfaces and replenishment of supplies, must be a priority. A conversation about a day porter service will be important!

4. Preparing for emergency cleaning situations – The larger the facility, the higher probability of an unexpected cleaning emergency to arise. From rainy day slippery floors to the undesirable mess of a plumbing problem, our team can respond to a cleaning emergency. We also provide special event cleanup for those office parties! 

By implementing these daily cleaning practices tailored to large facilities, we can effectively maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in even the most sprawling campus buildings. Our goal at Sonlight is to create a safe and inviting environment for occupants and visitors alike… no matter the building size!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.