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When Spring rolls around, you’re likely to see a litany of publications extolling the virtues of “spring cleaning.” But at Sonlight Cleaning Services, “spring cleaning” is our year-round standard. The businesses and organizations we serve contract us for daily janitorial cleaning and extra work services such as strip and wax, carpet extraction window cleaning and power washing. This means that their facilities look just as good in September as they do in March! 

  1. Create a cleaning schedule. When we work with a new client, one of the first things we’ll do together is create a cleaning schedule. Your personal cleaning schedule needs to be tailored to the specific variables of your business just like we tailor fit it to each of our clients, taking into account such things as the number of people who will be entering/exiting in a day and how large the space is to determine cleaning and supply requirements.
  2. Use the right cleaning products. Can you imagine trying to brush your teeth with dish soap? The argument could be made that both dish soap and toothpaste are cleaning agents and therefore interchangeable but… gross! In the same way, Sonlight believes that not all cleaning products are created equal. The right product applied correctly makes all the difference. We invest in quality products, and we customize to the specific needs of our customers. At Sonlight we use only the best!
  3. Tidy, dust, disinfect. Just like all things, there’s a correct order and process to cleaning the right way. First, you’ll want to pick up and put away anything that’s out of place, paying special attention to countertops and other horizontal surfaces that tend to attract clutter. If you remind your staff/employees to tidy their desks before they leave the office, it allows the Sonlight team to dust and disinfect more surface area on those desks at the end of the day. Next you will want to dust/wipe to remove surface dirt. The final step is to disinfect, allowing the dwell time required by your particular cleaning product.

As you can see, many of Sonlight’s commercial cleaning tips are useful no matter where you may be cleaning. When it comes down to it, Sonlight is a family company — we never franchise! — so it makes sense that many of the practices utilized in our cleaning routines can be applied in all types of business environments. Stay tuned for the next blog post where we’ll cover the next 5 cleaning tips!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.