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In the last blog post, we started our series on practices that Sonlight Cleaning Services regularly uses. This week, we’ll touch on a few more:

  1. Work from top to bottom. As I frequently remind my young sons, “Gravity exists.” When the Sonlight team begins cleaning a room, they always work from top to bottom. Light fixtures before countertops before floors. When cleaning, keep in mind that you want to do so in an orderly fashion so that you do not accidently scatter dust on an already-cleaned surface.
  2.  Vacuum efficiently. Did you know there’s a right way to vacuum? Take a lead from the Sonlight team and use slow, overlapping strokes to ensure no spots are missed. Remember to empty the canister frequently and to clean all filters to keep the vacuum performing optimally.
  3. Deep clean carpets. Sonlight Cleaning Services is an all-inclusive commercial cleaning service, meaning that our team can take care of your carpet with hot water extraction without outsourcing to another company.
  4. Glove up. Especially once the weather turns cooler and drier, it’s important to wear gloves when cleaning to protect your hands from any cleaning solutions. All Sonlight employees are thoroughly trained on best practices for the services we offer and products we utilize to clean your facility.
  5. Hire professionals. Sometimes you will need to outsource for certain jobs like elevated window washing or upholstery cleaning. This is not the case with Sonlight. We are not an in-home cleaning service but we are an “in-house” cleaning service for businesses, meaning we take care of most jobs (quarterly. bi-annual and  annual ones) that other cleaning companies do not. In addition to carpet deep cleaning, we also offer power washing, parking lot cleanup, window washing (up to 3 floors), upholstery cleaning, VCT stripping/waxing… and the list goes on!

When you work with Sonlight Cleaning Services for your daily janitorial cleaning needs, you won’t be disappointed. Our trained and experienced team members will have your facility ready for a “first impression inspection” every day of the week. Spring or fall, summer or winter, there’s no off season for Sonlight. Give our client care specialists a call today so we can get to work on your customized commercial cleaning plan and a quote that suits your needs and budget.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.