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I passed a car wash on my way home last week that caught my eye. Normally, this particular place of business has two — maybe three — vehicles in line for a wash. But today was different. Today there were at least twelve vehicles waiting their turn to rinse, scrub, and blow away the yellow dust that blanketed their once-shiny exterior. 

If you’ve been a Texan for any amount of time, you know what I’m talking about. It’s pollen season. No sooner do you step outside and the yellow stuff simply suffocates. Eyes itchy, nose runny, mouth covered due to cough or sneeze. It’s enough to make a person go crazy! 

As a manager for a midsized to large facility, you know how damaging this stuff can be indoors as well. Your asphalt parking lot looks more green than black. The sidewalks turn a strange shade of yellow-gray as pollen gets ground into every crevice and almost immediately starts to mold. Entryway mats, typically making do with an evening cleaning, are tired and ready for a refresh before noon. And perhaps worst of all, your once-shiny entryway floors seem to shout their protest with every passerby. (Don’t even get me started on what disaster unfolds when these “snowdrifts” of pollen mix with spring showers. Simply disastrous.)

You may be wondering, “How do I keep pollen out of my building? How do I clean pollen from the sidewalks? How do I clean pollen off of my windows? How do I get pollen out of the carpet?”

As any good allergist will tell you, there’s no cure for pollen but it can be managed. In the same way, the pollen problem in your building cannot be eliminated but it certainly can be managed with the right help on your side.

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial janitorial cleaning company in the greater Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex that has a thirty year history of helping facilities directors just like you manage the annual pollen problem. When you contract with us for your daily janitorial service needs, you have the benefit of adding on services at certain times of year based on your business (or environmental) needs. For example, Sonlight provides parking lot cleanup, power washing, window washing (up to three stories), day porter service, in addition to specialty cleaning services like carpet bonneting and hot water extraction. 

When you work with Sonlight Cleaning Services, that yellow dust is no match for you and your facilities! Give us a call today.

By Laura Pullliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.