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What is a business park? These words individually convey two very different images — work (business) and play (park). A business or industrial park is a parcel of land with a collection of buildings, or one very large building, that house multiple businesses at one central location. Some business parks may have communal spaces such as foyers, entryways, parking lots, etc. Others may allow customers and employees direct access to each individual business through a private entrance. 

Business parks date back as early as the 1950s and grew in popularity as people flocked to the suburbs of large cities. The availability of land and the affordability of housing was the driving force behind this urban exodus. Despite the relocation, most individuals and companies were able to maintain their association with the larger city while enjoying the space and price tag of the ‘burbs. For example, you may tell someone you’re from Dallas when you technically live, work, and play in the large suburb of Carrollton. 

As land became scarce in the inner cities, companies began following their employees to the greener (and more affordable) pastures offered outside of the city proper and business parks were born.

Companies that office from business parks include accounting firms, banks, warehouse management companies, real estate companies. Dentists, doctors, and clinics have also been known to make the business park their home. Even my favorite microbrewery is located in a — you guessed it — business park. 

Whether you are the management company for a business park with shared communal space or a lessee of a substantial portion of a business park (for example, a large company), you can benefit greatly from the janitorial expertise of Sonlight Cleaning Services.

We have made the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex our home for over 30 years, servicing both the city proper and the suburban areas surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth. We contract daily janitorial cleaning, day porter services, and specialty cleaning services with hundreds of clients every year and we have immense experience working within business parks such as yours. 

Unlike some companies which only offer basic after-hours cleaning services, we are a company that can scale right alongside your enterprise as it grows. When you contract your daily cleaning services through Sonlight, you won’t have to seek out independent companies to do those irregular yet necessary cleaning jobs for your business park. We offer specialty services such as hard floor cleaning & resurfacing, carpet hot water extraction & bonneting, parking lot cleanup, power washing, window washing (up to three stories), and emergency restoration services. Additionally, we are a Jan San supplier, meaning we save you yet one more phone call. 

Make the call that counts and get a fully customized quote from Sonlight Cleaning Services for your business or industrial park today. 

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.