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My children have a set of colorful dishes made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Emblazoned proudly across the bottom of each bowl or plate are the words PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Whether a public relations move or a matter of personal passion, this company made the choice to manufacture their products in the United States of America.

How many companies have made the choice to manufacture their products in the U.S.? Over half a million! The U.S. is home to almost 300,000 different manufacturing facilities. The majority of these companies employ 99 or fewer employees. Approximately nine hundred employ 1,000 workers or more. Manufacturing facilities take on many shapes and sizes (and some can grow quite rapidly). 

I recently heard of a young entrepreneur who started making soy candles out of the back room of her retail storefront. Within a decade, this small side business took on a life of its own and in the span of just seven years, she had to increase her manufacturing facility’s square footage by 1900% and her employee workforce by 80%

When a manufacturing operation becomes of a certain size, it is naive to imagine that your employee workforce will double as your cleaning crew. It was one thing to ask an employee to sweep a small back room in a store front, but imagine giving those same instructions in a 50,000 square foot warehouse! The notion is laughable. 

Your manufacturing facility has made it big, landed a new lease in a larger warehouse or business park, you feel like you’ve “finally arrived.” Now it’s time to give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call. We are a professional cleaning company in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that specialties in cleaning substantial facilities just like yours. We contract with facilities as large as one million square feet and as small as 20,000 square feet. We are ready to scale with you as your business scales, building a relationship that lasts and grows. 

For the safety of your workers and the efficiency of your manufacturing process, it is essential that your facility remains clean. Additionally, given the added complication of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also essential that the work environment is frequently disinfected (whether manually or with an e-sanitizing machine) so that your employees are healthy and able to work. 

If “Made in the USA” is part of your company’s story and your manufacturing facility is located in the DFW area, you know it’s time to give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call for all your professional janitorial needs. Let’s build a package that’s as unique — and scalable — as your enterprise.

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