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I’ll never forget my first job in college. I qualified for the school’s work-study program but my afternoon class overlapped with the job fair, meaning I was late to arrive. Options were slim, I was broke, and a paying position was high on my priority list; I picked up the one remaining job description that paid (only slightly) more than minimum wage. 

As I clutched the paper in my hands, I rather sheepishly made my way toward the school’s maintenance building. No doubt the director — Mr. Ron — was eagerly waiting to be greeted by a 6-foot ex-high school football player (this did not in any way describe me). I knew it wasn’t a done deal that I’d get the job. So I straightened my shoulders, stepped boldly through the doors, held out my hand, and said, “Hi! I’m going to be the best work-study student you’ve ever had.” 

First impressions matter. 

Continuing on our series from last time, you’re now at the front door of your facilities. You’ve made your way through the parking lot and up the front walk. Now that your hand is on the door, what kind of impression is your facility about to make? Here’s a checklist for your inspection!

  1. Are the floors clean? This may sound basic, but an untidy floor — smudged tile, worn carpet, dirty mats — can be easy to overlook when you see them every day. However, you can guarantee that it is the first thing someone will notice the first time they enter your facility. (And don’t forget that summer is the best time for some industries to schedule annual or quarterly upkeep like carpet deep cleaning or VCT waxing, both of which are offered by Sonlight Cleaning Services.)
  2. What does it smell like? As they say, “The nose knows.” Overfilled garbage cans — or cans that don’t get emptied often — can emit unpleasant odors, as can less obvious sources like musty carpet or bathrooms with poor circulation. (Did you know Sonlight Cleaning Services can provide all of your janitorial supplies, so you never run out of refills for that all-important bathroom fragrance machine?)
  3. Do the shiny surfaces shine? Smudged doors, mirrors, or glossy surfaces (such as glass reception desks or elevator interiors) are a definite “no no” when you’re trying to make a great impression. While an errant fingerprint here and there goes without notice, days between cleaning can send up a definite red flag for your visitors, clients, and guests.

If you’re not sure how often your facility should be cleaned in order to make a great first impression, give the client care specialists at Sonlight Cleaning Services a call. We will walk you through the process of determining how often your facility needs to be cleaned based on personnel traffic and square footage. Most of our clients have between twenty thousand and one million square feet of usable space and require cleaning between three and five days per week. Some clients additionally require a full time day porter as well. No two businesses are alike, which is why we custom-fit your quote so that you can make a great first impression. Give us a call today!

P.S. If you were wondering, I got the job. And I was the best garbage woman Mr. Ron had ever employed.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.