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Ah, summertime. If you haven’t taken a moment yet to do so, here’s your invitation to embrace the natural change of pace ushered in by the end of the school year. Many industries have a natural ebb and flow to their year and summertime marks one such natural rhythm change. 

The school year causes a great ripple effect on our society. Now that I have children, I feel that effect rather noticeably but even before school calendars hung on my refrigerator, I took note of the school year. One of the ways I marked this change from my first-floor office was that the facility management team was aflutter with activity. I think they knew that the “summertime slump” is actually the perfect time to perform a First Impression Inspection!

If you haven’t done so already, here’s how to take the visual “temperature” of your space. Start by grabbing a clipboard or opening an audio notes app on your phone. Walk out to the parking lot or — better yet — hop in your car and drive around the block so you can visualize arriving on location as a first time visitor to your facility. 

  1. How does the parking lot appear? Does it pass visual inspection? As you step out of your car, do you notice trash on the asphalt or mold on the concrete? My husband and I always joke that early summer is “power washing season” because the pollen is no longer polluting the driveway and it’s time to get things looking their best. (And in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, we are certainly familiar with pollen.) The same goes for your parking facilities.
  2. Is the exterior looking its best? Back to the power washing bit, it’s incredible how much of a transformation can be accomplished with a bit of high-pressure water. It is by far the most cost-effective facelift for your facility. 
  3. Do the windows sparkle? Does the outside speak well of the inside? And come to think of it, window washing benefits both the exterior and interior appearance equally! Sonlight Cleaning Services offers window washing from one to three stories. 
  4. Are the sidewalks clean and appealing? The best way to keep entryways and interiors looking their best is to begin outside. Did you know a day porter service ensures that both interior and exterior entrances always look their best?
  5. Is the entryway rug looking ready to greet guests? Are rugs well-placed and clean? An exterior rug can work wonders for keeping your interior looking great. When paired with an interior rug, this is your best option for keeping floors sparkling clean no matter what the weather forecast throws your way.
  6. Are trash cans available near the entrances? Well-placed trash receptacles can encourage employees and guests to toss unwanted items, reducing the possibility of interior spills or clutter.

When first impressions count, Sonlight Cleaning Services is on your side. From parking lot cleanup and power washing, window washing and trash can emptying and rug vacuuming… we are on your team! Stay tuned next time for more items on our First Impression Inspection.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.