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Lawn day looks a lot different at my house now than it did in recent history. It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, we were running the sprinkler system almost daily and the grass was needing a trim weekly. Now dormant, my lawn is becoming less and less visible by the day as leaves from the surrounding trees begin to fall. When the yard guy shows up, it’s to bag leaves, not to mow grass!

If you’re a fan of fall, you probably feel a bit nostalgic when the leaves start crunching underfoot. The crisp air, scents of apple cider, and promises of upcoming feasts with family can make us forget some of the less-desirable side effects of the season.

When you manage a midsize or large commercial facility, fall brings its own set of seasonal challenges. Dry grass and dry leaves (especially when mixed with the occasional rainy day) can make a mess in your building. When students, teachers, employees, clients, visitors, and guests arrive at your building, their shoes are sure to bring the little reminders of fall inside. 

Sonlight Cleaning Services takes a proactive approach to the crunchy leaves dilemma, helping you keep the fall colors outside where they belong! If you’re finding that the season is really putting a damper on your normal cleanliness standard, the greatest asset to your team may be a Sonlight Cleaning Services day porter service. While a daily evening janitorial cleaning is the standard for almost all businesses, high-traffic buildings may need a full-time day porter to keep the crunchy leaves where they belong. 

A day porter will monitor high-traffic walkways, bathrooms, entryway mats, and high-touch surfaces to ensure that your facilities maintain a high cosmetic standard throughout the day. To assess whether a day porter service may be the right addition for your facility, consider taking a picture of the entryway and bathroom at the beginning of the day versus midday and again at end of day. If there is a huge disparity between these pictures, consider the impression that the 1:00pm client is getting of your building versus the 8:00am client. 

First impressions count! Give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call to ensure that your first impressions are great ones, year round.

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