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Business Cleaning Frequency: A Haiku

My business is clean

Then we opened for the day

Now it is not clean

The average human on an average day sheds 1.5 grams of dry skin. This may not seem like much to you and me, but to a dust mite, that’s enough to feed him and his one million best buddies.

Every day we breathe in 220 million tiny particles, most of which our respiratory systems filter out before they cause any issues. Those who suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies are more aware than the rest of us when this number starts creeping up above average. Dust can cause a host of health problems, from sneezing to asthma, and exacerbates symptoms of everything from the run-of-the-mill cold to seasonal flu. 

Dust is everywhere; and so long as the earth turns, we’ll only be making more of it.

The average American household includes 2.6 people. In an average sized home, it’s quite common to clean once or twice per week. Most of us aren’t in our homes every moment of every day, so that makes good sense. In fact, if you have a 30-minute commute, that’s already 45 hours (or more) spent elsewhere on any given week. So for the average home, we can stretch our dusting and vacuuming routine to one day per week.

Now imagine your business. It is welcoming more than 2.6 people per day and the added total number of hours inhabited is far more than that of your home. Let’s say that your office welcomes 40 employees and 100 or so guests, delivery drivers, clients, and others. Well that’s over 2,000 hours in your building every work week… it adds up rather quickly!

What can you do with so much dust?

At Sonlight Cleaning Services, we highly recommend that mid-sized to large businesses contract daily janitorial cleaning after hours. If your place of business receives a lot of foot traffic throughout the workweek, a day porter service may additionally be recommended. Not only can excess dust harm the looks of your business, it can harm your productivity too.

Daily janitorial services can include whatever your business needs but most companies require a few daily basics: vacuuming, window cleaning, disinfecting, restroom cleaning, hard floor care, and (of course) dusting. Contact Sonlight Cleaning Services today to schedule your custom quote and show dust the door in your business!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.