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I still remember the scene upon walking into an office park a few years back. My husband and I were seeking a new accountant and had an appointment with one of the building’s tenets. We liked the accountant enough alright but we never went back. Why? Because the office park scene — from parking lot throughout — was downright spooky.

The sidewalks were long-overdue to be power washed, black mold crazily creeping across every surface. The glass on the entryway door was smudged to the point of looking translucent rather than transparent (I shuddered to touch the door pull). The interior looked like it had never met a janitorial staff person. Or a handyman for that matter — basics such as lightbulbs were long gone. Let’s just say, I would have taken my chances at the corner gas station bathroom than dare enter this facility’s facilities!

There’s nothing scarier than a poorly tended building. In fact, this time of year you can turn on the TV and catch one of any number of spooky movies based on this premise! Very often — at least in children’s shows — it is often revealed that the owner of the derelict domicile is actually some very sweet but misunderstood character. But in real life, it doesn’t matter how kindly an accountant is… if your facility scares away customers at the door, they won’t be coming back!

Sonlight Cleaning Services believes that first impressions count. That’s why we make appearances our business. We believe that from parking lot forward, the tenets, customers, employees, students, visitors, guest, and others who frequent your building should be able to tell a lot about you — namely, that this is a place where details are not dismissed and excellence is shown forth. 

When we hear about a place like that opening story, it makes us want to show up with our equivalent of ghost-busting gear to make such a place hospitable again. We come with power washers and trash bags to bring life to dull driveways, window cleaner and disinfectant for dingy doors, janitorial carts for cleaning everything from entry to bathrooms… and yes, we even provide minor handyman services such as lightbulb replacement!

Don’t overlook the little things and unintentionally scare people away. Call Sonlight Cleaning services today to get a customized quote for your facility. We’re here to serve the Business community in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and have been faithfully doing so for over 30 years. No matter how far gone you think your place of business might be, we guarantee nothing scares us.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.