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Teachers are decorating bulletin boards, parents are purchasing school supplies, and students everywhere are hitting the pools and parks to soak up the last precious moments of summer freedom. By all accounts, the last month has looked not unlike many summers that have passed before. But under the surface of this longed-for (and far-overdue) normalcy lurks a sinister undercurrent: the Delta variant.

A physician in Texas recently posted to social media that she wrote a letter to the superintendent of her children’s school district. Many other physician-parents signed the letter as well. In essence, these doctors were pleading for the superintendent to consider taking greater steps to ensure their children’s well-being in the classroom beyond the scope of what has been recommended by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). 

As a parent myself, I understand their heart. At the same time, we as parents do not have the decision making power in this scenario. Unless you are a member of the TEA, you also do not have the decision making power to determine what the 2021-2022 school year will look like in the classroom.

That said, if you oversee the facilities management for an educational institution, you DO have the power to keep students safe this fall regardless of what school boards or government entities decide! 

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company with over 30 years experience in the field. We were employing cutting-edge methods to keep facilities clean — such as e-sanitizing machines — even before COVID-19 was making headlines. Come to think of it, only two short years ago, most people had never even heard of electrostatic disinfecting!

Facilities managers for educational institutions should be making a thorough and robust cleaning and disinfecting plan for the fall semester. Sonlight Cleaning Services can help you make that plan a reality. 

A well-rounded plan includes a daily deep-cleaning and sanitizing (preferably e-sanitizing, which provides a 360-degree application of disinfectant) as well as a day porter service, which ensures that high-touch surfaces are sanitized throughout the day. Sonlight Cleaning Services provides both of these services as well as a number of other specialty services that can help ensure your educational institution is, indeed, ready for school.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.