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Have you ever noticed that oftentimes “the writing is on the wall” if you take a minute to notice it? When my husband and I had been married a few years, we were thrilled to become the owners of a new-to-us compact SUV. As college students and even as newlyweds, we’d always driven “clunkers.” The getaway car at our wedding was a 10-year-old Buick Lesabre. There was nowhere to go but up when it came to our vehicle situation. So when we signed the title and hopped into our bright red SUV, we may as well have been driving away in an Escalade. It was huge compared to years of compact cars! We were thrilled.

A few years later, we drove home from the hospital as a family of three in that very same SUV. It served us well. We couldn’t imagine a better family ride! 

And then came that first road trip. The first time we loaded up to visit family, we were rather confused. Where did all the space go? (Ah yes, the crib, stroller, dozens of changes of clothes, suitcases, and box of diapers. And don’t forget the dog!) We made it work, but the writing was on the wall. A few years later, when we learned we were expecting baby #2, we knew it would soon be time to upgrade. 

When you first started managing the facility you currently oversee, what did it look like? How many people visited each day? Has the rental space increased? Very often, what seems fine at first can change over time — whether dramatically like welcoming a new family member or gradually like a child growing bigger — and it’s then time to reassess. 

When was the last time you stopped to audit your facility to see if your current cleaning and upkeep plan still fits? Here are a few questions to ask as you walk through your building:

  1. Do I make a regular habit of walking through the facility like this or is it time to outsource?
  2. Is there any litter in the parking lot? Have leaves collected at the front door?
  3. What’s the status of the entryway rug? Is it due to be vacuumed?
  4. How do the hard floors look? What did they look like midday the last time it rained?
  5. Are there any routine maintenance things I hadn’t noticed yet (burned out lightbulbs, empty paper towel holder, hand sanitizer needs a refill, etc.)?

If your facility doesn’t pass a first-impression inspection, it may mean you’ve outgrown your current cleaning routine! We can provide daily janitorial cleaning and it may be time to upgrade to a full time day porter service. A day porter takes care of all of these things and more throughout the day so that your facility looks just as good at opening as it does at closing! If you’re ready to get out of the “compact SUV” of your current cleaning plan, give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.