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As we approach the 18-month mark, the words coronavirus, COVID-19, and (now) Delta are simply a part of our everyday vocabulary. We have learned a considerable amount about the virus over the past year and a half and, thankfully, despite new variants making their way through our communities, we are learning how to wisely “keep calm and carry on” .

Unlike last September, when many offices in the greater DFW area were still vacant, this year most offices are full. Though likely rearranged so as to promote social distancing, these hubs of production are now abuzz with meetings, cubicle visits, and “watercooler” conversations (though now most water coolers are a thing of the past). 

The Bradley Corp. Healthy Handwashing Survey polled U.S. office workers and found some interesting data about the way we work in the new normal:

  • Office workers continue to be concerned about COVID-19 and (in particular) coronavirus variants such as Delta, Lambda, and Mu.
  • 86% of workers bring a mask to the office.
  • 73% of workers have been fully vaccinated.
  • 66% bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • 39% bring their own cleaning wipes.
  • 29% bring disinfectant spray.

This data communicates to employers and facilities managers alike that hygiene, sanitation, and an office environment that practically yells “best cleaning practices” is of the utmost importance to today’s office worker. The survey revealed that those who work in an office environment are “significantly more conscious” about germs (73%) than the general population (67%). This makes sense because, financially speaking, contracting the virus or otherwise needing to quarantine means time and money lost, both for themselves and for the company. 

Employees are responding to new variants by implementing more rigorous handwashing practices — 70% of office workers versus 59% of the general population. Employers and facilities managers can take note of and honor these practices by making improvements to office restrooms, such as installing extra soap or paper towel dispensers, hand sanitizing stations near frequently-touch surfaces (such as door handles), and utilizing day porter cleaning services. 

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company that has always believed that “First Impressions Count.” Imagine the impression you’ll make on your office when you honor their heightened hygiene practices with an equally impressive response by bringing in Sonlight Cleaning Services for your daily janitorial cleaning, e-sanitizing, and day porter servicing. The new office normal is here… and Sonlight Cleaning Services should be a part of yours!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.