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For Sonlight Cleaning Services, we’ve always believed that first impressions count. As our great state reopens and COVID case counts continue to be downwardly trending, Texans are ready for the new normal. Many things will indeed look as they once did and that’s a wonderful thing. But not everything will or, in fact, should look exactly as they did in early 2020. 

In early 2020, you could make a positive first impression with a clean parking lot, freshly swept entryway, and a vase of flowers on the reception desk. These things are still well and good but they are no longer enough

Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all entered a new reality that will forever have the events of the past months imprinted on our lives. Cleanliness will forever matter more than it did in early 2020. 

Over the weekend, I revisited a company I hadn’t ventured to since the “before times.” Upon entry, I was greeted with a masked smile from an employee. There was a hand sanitizing station visible from the door. When I wandered to the part of the store with dressing rooms, I noticed that each door had a red or green sign on the door. I entered one with a green sign: “This room has been sanitized for your protection.” After checking out, I noticed that an employee sprayed the handbasket I had just used with disinfectant and — to my pleased astonishment — allowed for proper dwell time before adding the basket back to the stack.

Let’s just say my first impression of this business’ daytime practices gave me home for all of their practices. But did you notice how bizarre this paragraph would have sounded just two years ago? First impressions have always matteredbut the things that strike people as significant have changed.

If you contract your regular janitorial cleaning with Sonlight Cleaning Services already, perhaps it’s time to give serious consideration to adding a day porter service. You can spend money on new furnishings or flowers but what people really want to see right now is that the organizations, offices, and businesses they frequent take cleaning seriously — not just during the height of the pandemic, but moving forward. 

As my recent outing reminded me, first impressions count. What impression do you want people to get upon entering your facility? By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.