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I’ve learned a few new words (or at least how to spell them) over the past year and I’ll bet you have too. 

I know that coronavirus is the name of a common virus with strains that cause a varying degree of trouble, from a “common cold” to an economy-disrupting pandemic. I know that fomites, objects or materials that can carry pathogen particles, are not equally problematic. For example, COVID-19 can survive up to five days on some hard surfaces while expiring within minutes on “drying” surfaces such as paper and cardboard. I know that masks help prevent the spread of illness. I know that washing hands for the recommended amount of time — twenty seconds — is a bit longer than I used to wash (oops!).

We’ve learned a lot about safety and hygiene over the past year. Perhaps the most important thing we’ve learned as a society (or have hopefully learned) is how to properly disinfect a surface. There are two parts to this new knowledge and it all boils down to process and dwell time.

So how do you create the right process for killing pathogens like COVID-19?

It all starts with a good cleaning. A surface must be clean in order for chemical disinfectant to do its job. Every piece of dirt and dust on a surface functions like a microscopic umbrella that shields germs from disinfecting spray. Even the most high tech techniques — such as E-sanitizing — must be preceded by this critical step. Once a surface has been cleaned, only then is it ready to be disinfected.

This brings me to the next “big thing” we’ve learned about disinfecting: dwell time.

Dwell time is the time that it takes for a chemical disinfectant to do its work. For example, if a bottle says “Kills 99.9% of Germs,” there is typically an asterisk next to that number. Why? Because the back of the bottle will clarify that the product must remain on a surface for a given amount of time for that level of efficacy to be reached. Prior to this knowledge, I often would notice a surface dampened with disinfectant and feel compelled to dry it. Rookie mistake! Now I know that some disinfectants need 5-10 minutes (or to air dry completely) for full efficacy to be attained.

The more you know, the more you grow. When you know the experts at Sonlight Cleaning Services, you’ll be shocked by how much your understanding of proper disinfecting techniques will grow. The trained specialists at Sonlight have seen their customers through the pandemic well because even before germs were making the daily news, they made it their business to know how to keep businesses clean. Give the client care specialists a call today and see why we’ve been around for over 30 plus years! (Hint: It’s because we know what it takes to keep facilities clean, beautiful, and — most importantly — germ free.)

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