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Like most college students, I spent some time working as a server in a restaurant. And also like most college students, I had a keen appreciation for a good deal.

Tex-mex was a major food group in my diet during those years and despite the cuisine agreeing with my palate, there were times it didn’t agree with my waistline. Rather than quitting my favorite menu items altogether, I began omitting carb-heavy sides like rice and beans. At first I pushed them off into trash but that felt wasteful so I began amending my order.

The first time, I placed the order through the kitchen just as I had previously for other patrons: “Chicken enchilada plate, hold the rice and beans.” The next time, I caught the attention of a more experienced server who wisely pointed out a button on the point of sale system I hadn’t noticed before: “Order two chicken enchiladas a la carte.” And just like magic, the cost of my meal was a few bucks cheaper! 

I learned a valuable lesson thanks to that wise, more experienced server: You shouldn’t pay for something you don’t need. 

If you’ve been working with a commercial cleaning company that wants to sell you a “package deal at a good price” you may in reality be paying for services you don’t need. Take a close look at your contract. If it covers hot water carpet extraction (but you manage a warehouse) you may be paying for a service you don’t need! 

No two facilities are the same, which is why at Sonlight Cleaning Services, you won’t find a menu of pre-selected services. We offer everything a la carte when you hire us for your regular janitorial services Furthermore, pair our patrons with a client care specialist who will help them evaluate exactly which services they need and with what frequency those services are needed. (And help you reevaluate those needs as your company grows!) This ensures that you won’t be paying for anything you don’t need; and you’ll only get what you want.

We offer daily janitorial & day porter services as well as specialty cleaning care services such as hard surface floor care, carpet cleaning, window washing, power washing, special event cleanup, wall cleaning, and flood restoration.

Call one of our client care specialists today and find out exactly what it feels like to only pay for what you need.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.