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Ah, February. The month of love! If you haven’t started yet, here’s your reminder to get something sweet for someone sweet in your life. (My father-in-law always brought home a single flower for each lady in the family if candy isn’t your thing.)

February is also going to be a tough month for many of us this year. Why? Because February of last year is likely the first time you made note of the word “coronavirus.”

Yet there is hope on the horizon. Last February, we were all far less familiar with the intricacies of vaccines (we had never so eagerly awaited news of one). In one February 2020 article, we shared this: 

On the bright side, the CDC is reporting that this year’s flu shot is more effective than last year’s flu shot, which was 29 percent effective. On the down side, this year’s “effective” flu shot only offers an underwhelming 45 percent effectiveness rate. 

Just this morning, I was scoffing at one the mere 66% effectiveness rate of one manufacturer’s Covid-19 vaccine. Other manufacturers’ vaccines are in the 89-95% efficacy rate. Incredible! While first responders, medical personnel, and at-risk individuals may be first in line to have the opportunity to receive a vaccine, that does not mean the rest of the population is left to twiddle their thumbs and wait. Far from it! 

We know far, far more about Covid-19 now than we did just twelve short months ago. First and foremost (I hope) we have all learned how to wash our hands! I say this tongue in cheek because I hope this is a skill that sticks with us, big and small, for many years to come. The second thing we know is the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. 

Sanitizing only kills some germs. That’s right… some. Sanitizing refers to bringing down the number of bacteria on a surface to an “acceptable” level, as determined by public health officials. To accomplish this, either chemical disinfectant or traditional cleaning methods are utilized but typically not both OR not to a high enough degree to be classified as disinfecting. Disinfecting refers to an extremely high standard — using an EPA-approved chemical disinfectant to kill both bacteria and viruses. Sanitizing, by contrast, indicates removing germs and not necessarily killing them.

Despite the vaccine’s arrival on the scene, it may be some time before we can truly go back to “normal.” In the meantime, call Sonlight Cleaning Services for your disinfecting needs. By Laura Pulliam

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