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Did you know that cleaning a commercial bathroom bears almost no resemblance to cleaning your bathroom at home? At least in our house, cleaning the bathroom is a rather uneventful affair. Swirl some cleaner in the toilet bowl, wipe the water spots off the mirror, clean the countertops with a disinfectant and *BOOM* I can check that off my day’s to-do list! 

This may get me by when the in-laws are visiting, but did you know that this routine simply wouldn’t cut it in my place of business? Absolutely not — no way — not a chance! When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing a commercial bathroom, Sonlight Cleaning Services is prepared to pull out all the stops. 

In terms of equipment, our janitorial staff will have a custodial cart with dozens of items required for the job. Trash bags, floor squeegees, mopping supplies, cleaning chemicals, gloves, disposable towels, soap and paper good refills, deodorizers, drain enzymes, and the all-important signage. 

Our cleaning professionals begin by donning the necessary protective equipment, a mask and gloves at minimum. If vertical surfaces, such as walls or stall doors, must be cleaned, goggles or a face shield are essential so as to not get cleaning products in the eyes. Next that all-important signage is put to use and the bathroom is closed for the cleaning. This is not only for the modesty of patrons and employees, but also because adequate ventilation time is required for some cleaning products that could cause irritation for individuals with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Toilets, urinals, and visibly dirty surfaces should be pre-cleaned. If you read our previous articles on disinfecting, you’ll remember that this step is to remove dust and dirt particles that could shelter germs from the chemical disinfectant. After this step, disinfectant is applied and allowed the proper dwell time for maximum effectiveness.

Bowl cleaner is also typically applied during this step and allowed to “dwell” on the surface. This step is especially important in areas with hard water in order to avoid the later issue of mineral buildup in the bowl. After this step comes dusting and dust mopping. Most people do not know that bathrooms should be cleaned from wet-to-dry and top-to-bottom. 

The final step includes making the space look like new! Refilling dispensers, emptying trash receptacles, polishing metal surfaces, cleaning mirrors, and (last but not least) wet mopping floors. 

*Whew!* I’m exhausted just looking at that list. But the team at Sonlight Cleaning Services is ready to tackle it for you. Give us a call today!

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