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As promised, here are the next five tips for safely reopening (if you missed it, be sure to read Part 1 in this series):

  • Re-think your meeting spaces. If previously scheduled a morning meeting in the small conference room, perhaps consider reorganizing the schedule so that smaller teams meet (instead of the whole group) or plan to utilize an unconventional meeting space that allows for greater air volume per person, such as a lobby or even a large hallway.
  • Listen. Some of your employees, students, clients, or visitors will have lost loved ones or struggled with serious illness due to COVID-19. There are deep-seated fears and anxieties in our communities that will take years to fully surface and heal. Be a willing listener, hear these stories, and when possible, make accommodations so that everyone entering your facilities feels safe.
  • Assess the building. When buildings go unused for any amount of time, it is essential to thoroughly examine them for any repairs that should take before opening your doors.
  • Schedule a soft opening. Don’t be surprised if things feel a little rusty after spending so much time in the “new normal”! A bit of social atrophy is to be expected. It is not inadvisable to scale back your reopening or hold a soft opening as though you were opening for the very first time (because in some ways, you are)!
  • Validate remote working. This may seem like the oppositive of what you want when you’re thinking of reopening, but experts affirm that the work world has changed. Your employees and your clients have seen another way of doing business. The hybrid in-person and online mode — for better or worse –l is here to stay. By validating and creating guidelines surrounding remote work, you won’t be blindsided when this push continues even once you reopen.
  • Implement routine screenings. This can be as simple as a daily reminder email to your employees to self-screen for common Covid symptoms or as complex as a hands-free temperature check at the door. Whichever system you choose, ensure that it is routine.

I bet you were still waiting for something about sanitizing or cleaning. If you’re waiting for your sign, this is it: Take the details of disinfecting off your list and let us put it on ours. Sonlight Cleaning Services is a professional janitorial cleaning company in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. We’ve done all the work of researching best reopening pracitces so you don’t have to — and we’ve already got months of experience under our belt helping other companies just like yours

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