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Before hiring a janitorial service for your business you should know what jobs you want them to handle. What keys and security codes will they use? Will they just be vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms or are they also responsible for the office’s dishes and kitchen. Having a list of cleaning tasks available will make the process of hiring a reputable cleaning service very easy.  Even if everything looks good on paper and you love the price.  Hiring a service for your business is always based on trust.

 Here are three of those questions to ask when you evaluate your current service.

1. Are they licensed, insured and bonded?

Asking your cleaning service about their credentials is important. Certifications are important because it means that the business has credentials and training in that field. This shows a higher level of commitment on their behalf because they’ve invested time and money into being certified.

  Many cleaning services will carry liability insurance coverage for your protection. Not all insurance is the same, so you need to ask who they carry their policy through and how much coverage is carried. Also do they carry workers compensation insurance which covers their workers while they are on your property?

If the cleaning service has bonded their employees, it means they have taken measures to protect the property in your business. The bond is also a measure that compensates you if such incident occurs.

2. How many different employees will be cleaning my office?

This is based on your cleaning needs and schedule. It simply gives you an idea of how many crew members you can expect in your office. A professional service can calculate the amount of time necessary and how many workers are required for all services provided.

Most businesses prefer to have the same people consistently clean their office as opposed to having cleaners who they do not know show up unannounced.

3. Do they conduct background checks?

Another great question to ask your potential cleaning service is “Do they conduct background checks?” If the janitorial service is performing these checks it shows their commitment to building a trustworthy business. It also helps bring you peace of mind because any crew or individual they provide to clean your business has already met a higher standard of trust and reliability. 

 You can and should always ask any service for references. They demonstrate by customer testimonials that their performance is as advertised.

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