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Pollen, pollen go away

Come again some other day

We want to go outside and play

Pollen, pollen go away!

I washed my vehicle in the driveway this weekend. The weather seemed nice — warm but not too warm — and the sky was a magnificent blue. It was the perfect day to be outdoors. My washing done, I reached for a fresh towel to begin drying windows, only to discover that my white towel was already yellow with… you guessed it… pollen. 

Oak and tree pollen seems to be outdoing itself this year. While my freshly-washed vehicle only collected a light dusting of the stuff, in many other places pollen is literally gathering in snowdrift-like piles! It seems the only way to escape the onslaught to one’s respiratory system is to retreat indoors.

Even then, unless great care is taken, pollen is sure to welcome itself in as though it owned the place. 

When you manage the facilities for an educational institution, medical facility, office building, church, or financial institution, you know that pollen poses a problem. In a typical year, the unsightly yellow dust that makes its way indoors is a nuisance. It makes even the most pristine entryway look unsightly by lunchtime. But this is no typical year. Due to the complication of Covid, and the multiple overlapping symptoms that seasonal allergies share with coronavirus, high pollen count in the building can lead to employees taking unnecessary sick leave, students staying home, and visitors or customers simply steering clear of your facilities. 

The Sonlight Cleaning Services team is ready to help you combat the pollen monster trying to make its home in your building. A day porter service (in addition to regular janitorial service) can help you go on the offense against pollen intrusion, getting your team back in business.

Additional services we provide that help combat pollen include regular carpet and upholstery deep cleaning, vacuuming, hard surface care, dusting, wall cleaning, and replacing air filters. Once pollen season is over, we can even help you erase the signs of pollen season with power washing and window washing services. Don’t let allergy season get you down — call Sonlight Cleaning Services today!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.