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Almost like clockwork, I know what to expect the minute the ball drops and I ring in a New Year: the irresistible urge to declutter. And I know I’m not the only one.

Maybe it’s the sudden influx of kids toys over the holidays — why do grandparents insist on giving so many?! — or the sudden realization that Crisco and white sugar have overtaken the pantry shelves — when did pie become a food group?! There’s just something about January that makes us want to hit the reset button.

With people spending so much extra time at home in 2020, we all seemed to watch some of the same TV shows. One of these TV shows (not the one about tigers) seemed to capitalize on our time spent at home and inspire a greater commitment to decluttering and organizing our homes for the New Year.

As more and more time is spent in the collective return to the public sphere, it follows that those second spaces — our places of business — should also be subject to an “edit.” 

It is unlikely that COVID-19 will be leaving the newspaper headlines or our communities anytime soon. As you prepare your office, coworking space, industrial building, medical office, church, or educational institution for many more days of disinfecting ahead, it may be wise to take a discerning look at your space to see if there are perhaps things cluttering your space that need not be there anymore. After all, every item you remove is one less item to clean and disinfect each day.

Your friends at Sonlight Cleaning Service have a checklist for you to utilize as you peruse your space:

  1. Is it useful? Each profession has its own necessary equipment. You know what that looks like for your field. For example, do you need a dozen calculators? Well it depends. If you manage a school, then it is completely reasonable to have that many calculators for the number of students who will be using them. However, if you manage a medical office with only a half-dozen employees at the registration desk, you certainly don’t need that many calculators!
  2. Is it beautiful? This may seem an odd question, but unless your facility is a warehouse-only type of situation, you likely have a showroom, reception area, central office, entryway, etc. These spaces are often designed to give visitors or employees a sense of who you are as a company or organization. There is nothing wrong with keeping items that beautify a space, but you may be surprised how many not-so-beautiful items “hang around” long past their usefulness. For example, I remember one reception area that had several long-out-of-style silk flower arrangements that had definitely seen better days. If an item is neither useful nor beautiful, dispose of or donate it.

There is certainly nothing wrong with keeping useful or beautiful items. But as you consider what you wish to bring into the new year, it’s best to make it an intentional (not accidental) choice. As you make your intentional choices for the new year, we hope Sonlight Cleaning Services is one of them. We are an established commercial janitorial cleaning company that has served the greater Dallas Fort Worth community for over thirty years. If you’re looking for a positive change for your facilities ranging in size from 5,000 square feet to over a million square feet, give our client care specialists a call.

From our team to yours, Happy New Year!

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