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Tips for Making Outstanding First Impressions: Parking Lots & Entryways

Thu, 05/03/2018 - 14:28 -- Laura M. Pulliam

First impressions count. There’s no getting around it: a first impression matters. Whether you’re a business, medical facility, church, school, or something else entirely, a visitor’s first glance around your campus will oftentimes be the determining factor as to whether or not they will return. Additionally, it will influence how they describe your organization to family members, friends, or neighbors.

Here are five small things you can do to your points of entry to create a great first impression on your first-time visitors. (And your returning members, students, patients, and/or clients will appreciate it as well!)

1.  Pay attention to the parking lot. Before people even reach your front door, they’re going to walk through your parking lot. What does your parking lot say about your facility? Does it reflect accurately the impression you wish to make? When first impressions count, Sonlight Cleaning Services is there to meet all your cleaning needs. We’ll even meet you in the parking lot!

2.  Illuminate the entryway. A dimly-lit space can convey a sense of foreboding. So unless you’re going for a certain “spa-like” look, change any burned-out lightbulbs or add a lamp (either freestanding or on an entryway table). Don’t have time to be changing light bulbs?  Sonlight Cleaning Services will help you with that.

3.  Add a trash receptacle. While this may, at first glance, seem like an odd thing to add to make your space more welcoming, you’d be surprised how many people will use it. Some people may be walking in the door as they take the last few sips of their morning coffee. Other people make a habit out of carrying trash from their vehicles toward whatever building they happen to be entering. If you serve a high percentage of young families, a mom or dad may be walking in with a diaper in hand from a quick change in the car. Adding a trash receptacle not only keeps those - shall we say - undesirable pieces of trash from being carried around the building, it shows those entering that you have thought of their needs ahead of time. Take note of how often these entryway trash receptacles are being used and, especially if your facility has multiple points of entry, consider utilizing a day porter service to ensure that those receptacles are not overflowing. (Not sure what a day porter service is or if you need one check out this helpful article!)

4. Vacuum Entryway Rugs. Entryway rugs are a huge asset to any facility with a lot of foot traffic. They keep dirt from being brought further into the building. They can reduce the amount of pollen that gets brought indoors. They keep floors from getting slippery when it’s raining. These rugs work all day to help keep the rest of the facility a little cleaner… but that also means they probably need some attention throughout the day. An otherwise appealing appearance can be quickly overshadowed by an exceptionally dirty rug. Analyze your foot traffic at each entryway, taking into account those seasonal variables such as pollen or rain, and decide how often rugs should be vacuumed or otherwise cleaned in order to maintain a professional appearance. Rugs in lower-traffic areas can likely be cleaned once per day or less, but rugs in high traffic areas may need to have the attention of a day porter service.

5. Powerwash. Nothing puts a damper on your entryway quite like gum or mold on the sidewalk. If there is one thing you can do to immediately and dramatically enhance your building’s appearance (and improve that all-important first impression), this is it. Powerwashing sidewalks, entryway walkways, parking lots or garages, awnings, and/or building exterior should absolutely be on your list of routine building maintenance. Exterior signage should be inspected regularly to see if it needs a good cleaning. Contact Sonlight Cleaning Services for a free quote - let our professional mobile unit “wow” you with dramatic results.

The first step toward getting positive reactions from the people who walk through your doors is… well… to make those first few steps excellent! Contact Sonlight Cleaning Services - your partner in making outstanding first impressions