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Dust: It’s About More Than Appearances

Wed, 03/14/2018 - 19:44 -- Laura M. Pulliam

Many authors have written about the distracting tendency of digital media. And I think we’d all agree that if we’re sitting within sight of a flickering TV screen (regardless of the content of the program) it’s hard to have a conversation with the person sitting across the table. Distractions are everywhere! But sometimes distractions are more subtle than a brightly-lit screen. A 2015 Life Hacker article reported that it takes, on average, twenty-five minutes to refocus on a task after a distraction. Yikes!

So what does this have to do with dust? Let me describe a scenario and see if you can relate. You’re sitting at your desk. You send something to the printer. On your way to the printer, you casually pull the mini-blinds apart to take a peek outside. And then you look down at your fingers. Dust. Printer forgotten, suddenly your mind is recalling that thing you heard on NPR one time about dust being comprised of things like carpet fiber, dead skin, bug parts. Gross. Now you’re sufficiently distracted. Start the twenty-five minute refocusing clock!

Dust is the result of both indoor and outdoor airborne particles that end up making themselves at home in your professional and personal spaces. While we often remember the importance of dusting our homes, other spaces such as your office are often forgotten. In addition to being unsanitary, dust can be distracting. Though small, dust has the power to actually decrease productivity in your workspace.

Use this useful spring cleaning checklist to make a quick review of the items in your building that are often neglected. Follow the links to see ways Sonlight Cleaning Services can help combat “dust distraction” for your team!

  • Start by looking up high. Check ceiling fans, light fixtures, crown moulding and tall pieces of furniture.
  • Next, look at the walls themselves. You might not think about it very often, but walls take a lot of wear and tear. People touch or bump into walls, leaving body oils which can then catch dust. Let us restore your walls through wall washing.
  • Now check your windows. Do they need a good cleaning? We can do that too!
  • Take a look at desks, bookshelves, countertops, and smaller pieces of furniture. When these collect dust, it tends to be more noticeable, but are you forgetting any pieces or rooms that don’t get used as often?
  • Upholstered and leather furniture is often neglected and can have years worth of dust and other pollutant buildup. We offer upholstery cleaning.
  • Last but certainly not least in terms of dust collecting is your carpets. Think about it - the floor is big, horizontal, and has a lot of foot traffic. If dust had a team captain, this is it! Let us give your carpets a fresh start. Bye, bye dust!


Don’t let dust be a distraction for you and your team. Let Sonlight Cleaning Services optimize your space for maximum productivity. Why waste another minute? Contact us Today!