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What are some things you have learned in the time since March 2020 threw a curveball into our lives? Perhaps it was what a “run on toilet paper” looks like. Perhaps it was how to make a homemade mask. Perhaps it was how to keep your cool while supervising online learning for your kids. Perhaps it was how to set up a Zoom account or carve out space for a home office. Perhaps it was how to navigate placing an online grocery order for the very first time. 

It’s safe to say that everyone learned something, even if it was just a refresher course on proper handwashing practices.

A poll was recently conducted among cleaning care professionals: “What did the cleaning industry learn from COVID?” By far the top response was, “The value of our industry.”

Without throwing a former employer “under the bus,” I did think back to my college days working in a restaurant. Many things pointed to this being a not-so-great establishment to work for but, even as a young adult, I knew their cleaning procedures threw up a red flag when they instructed the waitstaff (who had no training whatsoever) to “sanitize” the restaurant each night after closing.

If you’ve read any of our articles on disinfecting, you’ll remember that to sanitize is not the same as to disinfect. Sanitizing only removes some of the germs, dirt, and bacteria on a surface (and even then, I’m not sure the watered-down cleaner we were handed did much in way of fighting germs). This business, perhaps more so than others like it, was not prepared for a pandemic.

When the shutdown first happened, most other industries were at a loss for how to proceed. As my story suggests, it’s safe to say that most were underprepared for facing a bad flu season much less COVID-19. But not commercial cleaning companies such as Sonlight Cleaning Services. For us, it was the time to serve our communities in an invaluable way.

The value of the professional cleaning industry was certainly proven over the past year. If you were already a customer of Sonlight Cleaning Services, we hope you take a moment to pat yourself on the back for doing the very best for your customers and employees long before “disinfected for your safety” was the byword of every industry.

If you are still considering whether your church, educational facility, industrial building, office building, medical office or commercial building needs the very best, there has never been a better time to give Sonlight Cleaning Services a call.

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.