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Spring is a wonderful time of year. The trees are budding. Wildflowers dot the Texas landscape. Even in the heart of the Metroplex, there’s no escaping the fresh and welcome newness of spring!

Last month I was walking my dog and said hello to some new neighbors. They had just planted some beautiful annuals in their front flower bed and were beginning to drag out their power washer. As much as I loved their enthusiasm, I felt it was my duty as seasoned Texan to inform these South Dakota transplants of the bad news: “It’s not power washing season yet. The pollen is still coming.”

But now, fellow Texans, we have reached perhaps the best part of spring… power washing season has arrived! The pollen is finally done inching its way into every crevice of your building’s siding or brick. The layers upon layers of yellow stuff on your sidewalks and parking lot surfaces is done being deposited. Now is the time to beautify. 

We’ve said before that there is no faster or more cost effective way to give your campus a facelift than power washing. Mildew that creeps up the walls is a nuisance. Dark mold streaks that reveal the runoff path from your roof is simply unattractive and makes a building appear aged beyond its years. Sidewalks look tired until concrete is cleaned. Power washing is the process of using water under pressure to lift dirt away from exterior surfaces. Sometimes a light cleaner is applied to stubborn stains, but more often than not, water alone does the work. And the visual difference after a power washing job can be staggering! Tired-looking buildings can look good as new.

Sonlight Cleaning Services offers power washing as an add on service to regular janitorial services because we firmly believe first impressions count. No matter how frequently your building interior is cleaned, nothing can ruin a first impression like a pollen-logged parking lot. Your visitors’ first impression is our first priority, which is why this specialty service is one we are very pleased to offer our janitorial service clients.

Hunting down various specialty services like power washing can be frustrating and time consuming. When you already have a working relationship with Sonlight Cleaning Services for your janitorial needs, scheduling a power washing service add-on is as easy as a phone call. We are a full service cleaning company, meaning from windows to parking lots to bathrooms and more, we’ve got your facilities covered!

By Laura Pulliam

Texas Family Owned and Operated for over 33 Years.