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Conference Room Confidence

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 12:56 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Conference rooms are important. Square foot for square foot, no other space in your facility has quite the importance of a conference room… because it’s in your conference room that confidence about your business or organization is built.

Typically furnished with no more than a large table, some chairs, and a whiteboard or projector, this relatively spartan room caries quite a heavy load of responsibility. It is in this room that vision is cast, ideas are born, solutions are brainstormed, teams are built, deals are sealed.

Because of this room’s significance, it is important to treat it with the care that it is due. This is a room that should look immaculate at all times, not least of all because when guests are building a first impression of your company, this is one room they are likely to spend some time in. What does this room say about your company?

I recently visited a business that sells signage. Even though the showroom was set up for “show,” the room I spent the most time in was actually the conference room. As I looked around the room, I noticed everything. Did it look presentable? (Are they an organized team?) Was the table dusty? (Do they pay attention to the details?) Was the whiteboard clean? (Are they ready to work on my project?) It’s amazing how much of my impression of that company was because of what I saw in their conference room.

Does the appearance of your conference room help build confidence in your company?

From your first-impressions experts at Sonlight Cleaning Services, here’s a quick list of questions to help you take stock of your own conference room, top to bottom:

  • Have the light fixtures been recently dusted? Are any light bulbs burned out?
  • Are there scuff marks on the walls? For example, where they have been bumped by a chair.
  • What is the condition of the whiteboard and marker tray? Has it been cleaned since its last use?
  • Does the table shine? Or does it need a good buffing? Is it cluttered?
  • How do the chairs look? Has the upholstery been recently cleaned?
  • Are the floors looking their best? How about the baseboards?

If your conference room is used once per day or less, attention from a night janitor will suffice. But if the room will be used more than once per day (especially in places like financial institutions, educational facilities, and arger office suites), it is essential that this space be checked throughout the day by a day porter. When it comes to using your conference room to build confidence, Sonlight Cleaning Services is there for you!