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Extraction or Bonneting: Which is Right for Me?

Fri, 03/08/2019 - 19:04 -- Anonymous (not verified)

If you have carpeting in all of or part of your church, school, medical facility, financial institution, or office building, no doubt you have determined that this type of flooring requires special attention.

Commercial buildings that have carpet benefit from the unequaled “pros” of this type of flooring. Carpet is inarguably more comfortable underfoot, it helps control ambient noise (especially in long hallways or large rooms), and it adds a kind of warmth to a space that hard flooring just can’t quite match.

But along with these pros come certain challenges. Carpet must be cleaned regularly and appropriately in order to have a long, beautiful life in your building.

Today we’re going to talk about two types of carpet cleaning processes--extraction and bonneting--to help you determine which is most appropriate for you.

The first type, extraction, is the recommended carpet cleaning method of Sonlight Cleaning Services. This method is sometimes called “steam cleaning,” but that is a misnomer as steam would be too hot for most carpet materials. Rather, in this method, hot water is sprayed into carpet while being simultaneously sucked away. Dirt, dust, and pollen are loosened and “extracted.” Extraction produces a very deep clean. If particular areas need a little more help, pre-spotting treatment usually takes care of the problem. Say goodbye to even the most stubborn stains!

Sonlight Cleaning Services offers both truck mounted and portable cleaning extraction methods. With either option, you will always get optimal PSI (pounds per square inch) for your cleaning needs.

The other carpet cleaning process, bonneting, is a great option for areas that have 24-hour foot traffic because, compared to extraction, bonneting is a relatively dry process. Bonneting is only recommended for “in between” maintenance as it predominantly cleans the top third of the carpet fibers (unlike extraction, which cleans deep down into the fibers). In bonneting, a chemical spray is applied that attracts dirt. This process is followed by buffing with a highly absorbent pad that works the solution into the carpet and then lifts it up and away. This process can have great results on lightly soiled carpets.

Whether you choose extraction or bonneting, you can always add on disinfecting, deodorizing, and/or protectant services to your cleaning routine (especially beneficial in high-traffic areas). Call or e-mail Sonlight to talk with one of our professionals about which carpet cleaning method is right for you!