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What Can a Commercial Cleaning Service Do For You?

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 21:53 -- Anonymous (not verified)

If you oversee the facilities for a church or school, a doctor’s or dentist’s office, a small business or a large company--or any number of organizations with a lot of square footage--you may be wondering “What does a commercial cleaning company do?” Or more specifically, “What can a commercial cleaning company do for me?”

Sonlight Cleaning Services is a commercial cleaning company that specializes in caring for large facilities (that is, over 20,000 square feet). We also contract with facilities as small as 5,000 square feet or as much as one million square feet.

Some of the services we ordinarily provide to our customers include regular janitorial services and day porter services--these frequent services are what keep things looking their best every day of the week. We also provide more specialized services that some cleaning services must contract out to other companies (this means fewer vendors for you to manage)!

Specialized care Sonlight provides includes those things your facilities may need on a less frequent basis, such as carpet cleaning and flood restoration, window washing, and power washing, to name a few.

Our employees are highly trained and held to the highest professional standards. Additionally, we operate our business according to four corporate values:

  • Be honest and do the right thing always
  • Excel with customers and exceed their expectations
  • Help develop people to their fullest potential
  • Grow personally and professionally by continually improving, innovating and meeting all commitments

We believe that faithful adherence to these values is what has allowed Sonlight to flourish for over 30 years.

So what can a commercial cleaning service do for you? If you choose “just any cleaner” the answer may be nothing more than a standard or sub-par cleaning job. If you choose Sonlight Cleaning Services, the answer is so much more than that!

Because we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our business, we build lasting relationships with our customers and staff. Why? Because we genuinely believe that both deserve the highest level of respect and dignity, and we work together to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work.

Give us a call today and find out what Sonlight Cleaning Services can do for you!