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Thu, 01/24/2019 - 21:37 -- Anonymous (not verified)

If you’re at all connected to the church world--and especially if you work for a church--you know that right now we’re enjoying a precious few months of relative calm between two big holidays. And that also means right now is the perfect time to evaluate your church facility cleaning needs for 2019.

The reflective season of Advent has come to a close; the celebration of Christmas is behind us. Even the twelfth day of Christmas, known to the Christian church as the Festival of Epiphany, is in the rearview mirror.

In just a matter of weeks, many folks will gather in their churches on Ash Wednesday (this year on March 6) to remember that “we are but dust, and to dust we shall return.” After that, some churches will continue to hold midweek services during the season of Lent. Forty days later, the Resurrection of Jesus will be celebrated on Easter Sunday (this year on April 21st).

Do you see why this is the perfect time to evaluate the cleaning needs for your church facilities?

During the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas, it’s hard to think about anything else besides the most urgent tasks. But right now is the ideal time--and, in fact, the only convenient time--to make plans for ensuring that your church facilities look their very best leading up to Easter.

This is an especially important matter to think through when you consider the number of guests you will have on your campus on Easter weekend.

What might seem like minor issues to long-time members can seem like insurmountable obstacles for a newcomer. For example, dingy carpet in the children’s classroom or nursery may be hardly noticeable to the seasoned student, but to the new parent who comes in to drop of their little one, it may be the first thing they notice… and it may be enough to make them think twice about dropping off their child. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s not; visitors are on the high alert for those kinds of “red flags.” You don’t want the new parent to walk away thinking, “If they can’t take good care of their facilities, how will they take good care of little Johnnie?”

There’s no better time than the present time to contact Sonlight Cleaning Services. One of our folks will be happy to discuss your ongoing and specialty cleaning needs. We customize every quote so you can be sure to get the very best rate for your church or nonprofit and we have a solid 30-year history of working with churches in addition to schools, office buildings, medical facilities, and industrial buildings.

Give Sonlight a call--your church’s choice for all your cleaning needs!