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Remember to Schedule Your Holiday Party Cleanup

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 20:44 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror and Christmas is seemingly just around the corner. As Christmas cards and invitations to holiday parties begin to arrive, you may be making plans for your own company Christmas party.

Holiday parties for your large facility or office, with a little intentionality, can be so much more than just a formality. When done right, these events provide opportunities for you to show your staff just how much they are appreciated.

When a team has worked hard all year, it’s important to set aside time to celebrate achievements and commemorate milestones! Additionally, gatherings that focus on building relationships--such as the annual Christmas party--increase group cohesion, which can lead to better teamwork throughout the year.

Here are five tips for making this year’s Christmas party the best one yet:

  1. Determine your parameters. This includes things that are “set” far in advance like budget, guest list, date, etc. Something to consider as you think about this step is what kind of company culture do you want to communicate? For example, if “family-focused” is one of your values, you may want to choose a date and time that would allow for family members to attend. Parties can be great opportunities for communicating (and solidifying) company culture.


  1. Pick a theme. Casual daytime brunch? After-hours party? Will you bring in some type of entertainment? Will people be dressed up or come in casual attire? (Humorously, many companies choose the opposite of whatever the “norm” is in the office--for example, if folks typically show up in a suit and tie, then a casual “Christmas Luau” theme might be a fun break from the norm!) This is the step where you sketch a draft of what the party will look like. A themed party can help build excitement for the event, especially when communicated in advance through your invitations… which brings us to our next tip…


  1. Send invitations. Yes, a company-wide email might suffice. But if one of the objectives of throwing the party is to communicate to your team just how valuable they are, a special invitation--either paper or e-vite--can go a long way! (It might even help your attendance!)


  1. Book catering & entertainment. This one is pretty self-explanatory. While some companies choose to go the good ol’ potluck route, it’s worth considering that many people are overly-worked and overly-stressed this time of year. A meal that they don’t need to cook themselves will be a fabulous draw for your party!


  1. Sonlight Cleaning Services offers the add on service of cleaning up your office parties. Did you know that this last step can actually make or break your party? All of the work you’ve put into ensuring your company party is a success--one where your team feels valued and appreciated--can quickly be undone with the words, “Okay, everyone, let’s clean up before work tomorrow!” Let Sonlight take care of the mess. You (and your team) deserve the night off! Sonlight Cleaning not only provides daily cleaning 5 days per week for your large office or facility. We are also a full service company with additional services such as strip and wax, carpet cleaning, Jan San supplies to help save our customers money and of course we will also clean up after your Holiday party so you can enjoy the event with your staff. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you would like an estimate to cover the 5 day per week cleaning that you need done the right way every time for your large facility or office. When “First Impressions Count” successful businesses choose Sonlight Cleaning Service, Inc.