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Let’s Talk Turkey

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 19:03 -- Laura M. Pulliam

The holidays are such a special time of year. Families gather around the table to give thanks for their many blessings and share in a meal together. Before the guests take their seats, though, the all-important preparations must first take place.

It’s amazing just how crowded the grocery stores are during the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. One would think that grocery shopping was suddenly an Olympic sport. Grandmas get that determined look in their eye as they reach for the last box of stuffing mix. Mothers hit the dairy aisle for whipped topping (for that all-important pumpkin pie). Fathers with cart loaded down with frying oil eye the turkeys, just imagining how it will look perfectly golden and ready to serve.

But, oh, the turkey. The average Thanksgiving turkey purchased in the United States comes in at a whopping fifteen pounds. Putting a frozen bird of that size in the shopping cart is definitely a two-handed task. And this is exactly where the danger begins.

Did you know that raw turkey carries bacteria (including salmonella) that can easily contaminate any surface with which it comes in contact? Before even leaving the parking lot, the same hands that just touched the raw turkey will also touch the shopping cart handles, a few more last-minute items, and the credit card reader. This is not even to mention the surfaces that the turkey will come in contact with before it is later cooked and ready to serve to guests.

When it comes to “talking turkey”, we also need to talk about procedures for properly disinfecting surfaces that come into contact with the turkey!

So what is the proper method for disinfecting these surfaces? When most people think about disinfecting, they imagine a quick spritz of sanitizing spray followed by an equally brief wipe-down. This is actually a very dangerous practice because it fails to account for something called dwell time.

Most disinfectants have a contact or “dwell” time. You may have noticed that that most disinfectants have a percentage noted on the bottle, for example, “Kills 99.9% of germs.” The dwell time is the amount of time that the disinfectant needs to remain wet on the surface in order to adequately kill the percentage of germs it claims to kill.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, Sonlight Cleaning Services understands the importance of dwell time and implements it in our procedures. Our protocol is to first clean a surface (in order to remove dust, dirt, or debris) and then disinfect the surface, allowing for the adequate amount of dwell time required by the product before wiping the surface again.

Nobody likes to get sick over the holidays--especially food poisoning from coming in contact with an inadequately disinfected surface! Take a tip from your friends at Sonlight for your home and remember to clean and disinfect your countertops and other surfaces, allowing for adequate dwell time. After your family celebrations are wrapped up, give us a call! We’d love to partner with your business for all your commercial cleaning needs.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sonlight Cleaning Services!